Steps To Create Self Hosted WordPress Website In Nigeria

Before i go into any further write up let me define the purpose of this blog. WordPress Nigeriaas the name implies is the only blog that will teach you step by step guide on how to Create a professional self hosted WordPress blog in Nigeria Using DomainKing Host

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Few Years Ago, I have the desire to Start a blog not for passion but to make cool money online in Nigeria just like other famous bloggers online since am not apportioned to doing Yahoo Business as generally Known by the Nigerians or any other online business taking criminal Shape either digital or any form of presentation, but my Greatest Challenge was that “I have no Single idea of how the online world works neither do i know how to Create a blog” to start making money online.

As a Business Student my computing background was not too Good though i was not totally a novice. With the help of Google Search Engine, i was able to learn that WordPress is the best platform through which i can set up an income earning blog/Website (that discovery was my greatest joy).Having Known this , i assayed to learning about WordPress platform and how to set up a cherishable and worth earning Website.

I failed as a novice blogger in many occasions because i wasn’t really diligent enough to to hold on to the keys of success in blogging. Perhaps i learnt from the wrong source or maybe i was too in haste to make money online but through out all this Rise and fall periods i was really learning many things and now am filled with bunches of knowledge about how blogging works because i persisted and never seem to go back even when i failed many times.

Many of you reading this inscriptions are students,Business men/women ,Working and the non working classes who may want to add some extra income stream to what ever business they’ve ventured, and with your landing on this page i guess you have chosen blogging to be the extra income source. With all sincerity you have made a good choice having known that carrying all your Eggs in one basket could be at times very deadly.

I Created this page for a basic reason which is to teach you how to create a professional WordPress blog worth earning but i can’t do this without touching other aspects of blogging therefore i will also teach you many other things such as:


  1. Step by step guides to set up a WordPress blog using a particular platform/hosting.
  2. How to Get Your blog online to reach As many audience as you desire
  3. How to make money/monetize this blog you have created having achieved traffic success.
  4. How to increase your income figure and earn extra cash from any niche you choose etc…..

Other Essential motivationals which you gain from my past failures are:

  • =>What stopped me won’t stop you
  • =>You to fail in the areas i failed
  • =>You will start making money Online via blogging
  • =>You will become a pro-Blogger through me……


Before i proceed, i don’t want to be a ghost blogger here neither am i in any of my blogs so bellow is a brief intro of who i am in case you have no idea. know Me

Back to Business. Having gone through all of the above, i believe you now have insight the more about your presence in this blog and what you will achieve in Few days from now after going through this blog properly. You will own a professional blog and in due season you will start making money from your blog trust me


According to internet live Stats of 2016, Nigeria is approaching top 8 most used internet country of the word with about 86,219,965 internet Users. Ever since then to 2017 the number has rapidly Increased by over 30%. In that case it is very sure that every year the number is increasing rampantly as many people become entrant in the internet world.

Because of the plenitude numbers of internet Users in Nigeria , Online business is rapidly growing to be a very lucrative business in Nigeria. And the only way to reach the audience in billions is to be a blogger. Your voice will be loud not only in Nigeria but all over the world.

What ever online Business You venture in Nigeria is liable to be successful when the success tips are orderly arrayed in usage. But even with this, many Nigerians online entrepreneur still fail because of many reasons which we shall list in details as we continue with our inscriptions.

As a blogger you can be earning pretty income to take care of your family, pay your house rent, your school fees and run other expenses. You can even become a millionaire with blogging I.e if you want to take blogging as a profession….What a good News.

One more reason you need to start blogging is because blogging is the cheapest business you can start with less capital and earn more income return in due season. I will strongly advice every young Nigeria to start blogging right away as the computer age keep growing rampantly. Having Known the reason why you need to start blogging in Nigeria lets go further to the tools you need in starting blogging in Nigeria.


In whatsoever Every Work you do being it offline or online there is always required tools to sharpen the work, so also applied in blogging. You cannot be a blogger without certain tools. Bellow are the cure tools for blogging on WordPress platform as a Nigerian.

  1. A sound PC or mobile Phone.
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Power Supply
  4. Subscription Fee
  5. A Reliable Web hosting
  6. A Domain Name.

Did You Need Help In any of the above mentioned tools you can click Here to know how to go about the above tools.

Now i believe you have done something about your working tools and you are now ready for blogging using WordPress platform as a Nigerian.

In Creating a self Hosted WordPress blog, there are just two steps involved which are:

  1. Buy your Host
  2. Install WordPress


In a lame man language, a host is the house that hide your treasure, the building blocks of your house, the container that contains your document whatever whatever … Before you create any website there must be a host I.e where the website will be managed from. this host will contain all admin features and it is the overall managing ground of your website.

Via your host you can park and unpark domain names, install scrips,and do other necessary set ups.Having know what it means by a host let’s go further to buying a hosting plan from a popular Nigeria Web/Domain hosting company named Domainking.NG so that we can host our website online right away.


Before we go on buying our host from DomainKing let’s see why we have chosen to use domainking among all hosts.

1. Cheapest Site To Buy Domain Names and Host Websites in Nigeria

As far as I am concerned, DomainKing.NG is where you can get the cheapest rates for domain names and web hosting plans in Nigeria. Whether you want to buy a domain name or host your website, no web hosting company in Nigeria offers cheaper price than DomainKing.NG as at the time of publishing this post. Without promo, you can register a domain name for as low as N1,400 and host a website for as low as N250 per month at DomainKing.NG.

At promo price, it can go as low as N499 to register a domain name and N175 per month for web hosting. Who else offers such pricing in Nigeria? Name them if you know any. Winks** If you are a web hosting reseller or you make money registering domain name for clients, you will definitely make more money from your services when you do business with domainKing.NG.

2. Simple Client Area and Free Management Tools

DomainKing.NG client area is very easy to navigate and understand. Once you are signed in, you can easily see where to click to register domain name, view the list and due dates of domain names you have registered, see open support tickets and many more. Each Domain name registered at domainKing.Ng is linked to free management tools that allow you to configure your domain name anyhow you like.

Hence, you can easily change nameservers, add A and CName records all by yourself. You can as well easily get your EPP code from your dashboard without the need of contacting the support team if you want to transfer your domain name. Registrar lock is supported too i.e you can easily prevent unauthorized transfer of your domain name. If you want to use your domain name for a Blogspot blog, there is also a “DKNG Quick Blogger Installer” you can use.

Beside that, there is a Free Email panel that lets you set up free custom email addresses for domain names you register at domainKing.

This means you can get something like for FREE at domainKing without paying for any web hosting plan. All these great tools make it easy for me to make money setting up custom domain for Blogspot users.

3. Fantastic Customer Support

DomainKing.Ng support team is super awesome. Ever since I started using their services, I’ve never seen the need to call them on phone unlike some web hosting companies I have to call everytime I pay for domain name.

In fact, for two years I’ve been with them now, I don’t even know their phone number nor know their office. I communicate with them via their support system and they reply and sort things out without delay. If there is anything I can’t do from my end, they do it for me free of charge. Whenever I want to move a domain name from my domainking account to a client’s domainking account, the support team get it done for me as soon as possible for free.

If you register a domain name at DomainKing.Ng to use as custom domain for your Blogger blog, the support team will even set it up for you. This is one thing most web hosting companies out there will tell you to figure out by yourself.

4. Ease of Payment; Pay In Naira

It’s very easy to make payment at DomainKing.Ng for domain name registration and web hosting services. There are several payment options you can choose from. You can pay online with your Nigerian ATM cards if you don’t have time to go to the bank for direct deposit.

At DomainKing.NG, you pay in Naira for web hosting and domain name registration. Hence, no need worrying about dollar to Naira exchange rates or CBN policies. I really like domainKing.Ng because of the integration of VoguePay payment gateway which is currently my favorite payment gateway in Nigeria. I use VoguePay to receive online payments on my sites and use the fund in my VoguePay wallet to pay at DomainKing.NG and when I pay this way, whatever I pay for is activated instantly. No need contacting them at all that I have paid. Cool…huh?

5. You Can Make Money at DomainKing.NG

If you check the websites of most web hosting companies in Nigeria, you will discover that they don’t offer Affiliate programs but at domainKing.Ng, you can make money as an affiliate when you refer your loved ones to the site. You will earn money when anyone you refer to DomainKing pays for a web hosting plan.

You get paid for every sale generated through your affiliate link which will be generated for you once you join the DomainKing Affiliate program. Just imagine if you refer 100 friends, you will earn N100,000 i.e N1,000 payout per friend that signs up for wen hosting plan through your unique link. Well, I will stop here for now.

Can You see the number 4 reason you must choose domainKing? that’s one of the best reason why i personally recommend you to use domainking. Many Nigeria new bloggers find it difficult with other hosts since their Nigeria ATM cards are not allowed to issue online payment in most of all this hosts instead master Card and other online payment gateways which may be too difficult appears to be their only payment method

With DomainKing You can Easily pick your ATM of any bank type in Nigeria and Make your payment right at the comfort of your home or you can even pay directly to their bank account and they will activate you once payment is confirmed.

How to Buy Web Hosting from DomainKing.NG

In this tutorial am going to show you simple steps on how to order Web hosting for your website from DomainKing.NG & get your website or blog running online.

For buying a Web Hosting plan with DomainKing.NG you need the following steps:

1) Visit DomainKing.NG Web Hosting page.

2) Select any Web hosting plan as per your requirement from the above link you have just clicked in Step 1. After selecting your Web hosting plan click on “Order Now” button.

Note: i will recommend you to start with the smallest plans which is the (Civilian plan or Soldier Plan) and in future when your blog continues to grow bigger you can easily upgrade your hosting plan to higher plan that comes with more disk space and bandwidth according to your requirement.

DomainKing.NG Web Hosting page

3) After the above steps You will now be redirected to the page on which you need to enter your domain name for which you want to order your hosting plan.

Select your preferred option from the 3 listed below:

a) I want DomainKing to register a new domain for my Hosting Package: Select this option if you don’t have a domain name already and want to register a new domain with your hosting plan.

b) I want to transfer my domain to DomainKing: Select this option if you already have your domain name with some other provider and want to transfer your domain to us with your hosting.

c) I already have a domain and i will update its nameservers Or I will register a new domain from an another provider: Choose this option if you only want to buy hosting from us but want to keep or register your domain from some other provider.

I guess you just wanted to start a new blog afresh if that be the case you will have to Register a domain name and a web hosting and in that case option 1 is what you will have to choose

4) After selecting your preferred option as explained in Step 3, enter the domain name for which you are ordering the hosting plan and then click “Click to Continue”.

5) If your domain is available then select the term (number of years) for which you want to buy your domain and click “Click to Continue”.

Note: Step 5 is only for users who are ordering a new domain name with a new hosting account.

6) Review your order to make sure your set up is intact after that select “Billing Cycle”( number of years for which you want to order your hosting plan) and click “Add to Cart” button to continue to the next page

7) Select the addon services that you want with your domain and click “Add to Cart”.

Note: You will only see this option if you are registering a domain with hosting account or transferring your domain to us with hosting. [Ignore this step if you are ordering only hosting plan without domain]

8) Now review your order & bill. After that scroll down and fill in all your details asked on the page to register with us & create a new account at DomainKing.NG as a new user.

Or if you are already a registered user before, then you can select the option “Existing Customer” and sign-in to your account to complete the order.

9) Scroll down more and you will see the following options:

Promotional Code: In the field enter the coupon code DKNG30OFF i.e if the coupon was not automatically added but if it was automatically added it won’t show you the coupon space rather it will display that the coupon has been added .

Payment Method: Select your preferred payment method with which you want to pay for your web hosting order. there are many payment methods but the more easy ones for we Nigerians should be the credit card / direct bank payment or transfer method which you will find in the given options For more details see How to pay.

Note: in addition to my above inscription “We have provided two payment modes for our clients i.e. Online method and Offline method. You have to select the payment method while checkout. For Online payments, you need to select Voguepay or Cashenvoy. Both the online payment methods an be used for VISA card, Verve Card and Master Card etc.

If you are unable to pay using one online payment gateway then you can pay us via choosing another payment gateway.

Also In offline method, you can pay via Bank deposit or Bank transfer. For that you need to select Bank Transfer or Cash deposit option as your payment method. But it can take upto 20-24 hours max. for them to credit the payments made using this method. but don’t panic domainking is so responsive that it won’t even take 2hours to credit your payment

10) Now check on the box that says” I have read and agree to the Terms of Service” and click “Complete Order”

11) Now your hosting order has been placed and an invoice has been created for you to pay. After reviewing your payment method once again click “Pay Now”.

Congratulations! Its all Done Now. After you have paid your invoice, your order will be activated automatically or manually within few hours depending on your payment method.

Once your hosting order is activated, you will receive a Hosting Account Information email with all your account login details including your cPanel & FTP details to access your hosting account. hurray you have successfully purchased a new domain and hosting so now its left for you to login your Cpanel in order to install WordPress on your domain name

Hope you catch my explanation on how to buy a domain and hosting from DomainKing? now having purchased one let me show you how to login your Cpanel and how to install WordPress to the host you have just purchased.

How to Login Your DomainKing C-panel

The domainKing Cpanel is the engine room for the new host and domain you have just purchased to login follow bellow steps

Access the domainKing Login Page and Login with the details you used in registering with DomainKing

After successful Login in your clients Area you will see the My services tab just click on it and you will be taken to a new page where you will see your newly registered domain+hosting

From the new page where your domain and hosting showed up just click on Icon in front of the domain. that icon means Manage Hosting

Now from the next page just scroll down and click on Login Cpanel as shown bellow

You will be successfully logged in to your hosting Cpanel where you can manage your hosting and domain. Hope you are able to get that step? I just hope so because it was clearly explained now let me show you how to install WordPress and get your blog running.

Another method to access your Cpanel Immediately when your registration was done during the purchase an email will be sent to you containing your cpanel Login links and your login details but in most cases these emails don’t appear in Your inbox but it appears in your Gmail spam message You can login with the details they give you all are the same. in which ever method you used you will arrive the same procedure.

How to install WordPress on your DomainKing Host

With all of the above steps your domain can’t still be accessible unless you install WordPress or other scripts but for the purpose of this tutorial our aim is to create a WordPress blog and nothing more. so am going to show you step by step guides to install WordPress on your new host just follow my steps

DomainKing has already provided a clean tutorial about installing WordPress on your host via your Cpanel and in that case i won’t go on writing about this again because it will only make this page heavy to load Read how to install WordPress here hope the tutorial was clear if it wasn’t you can inbox me for any further query

Now that you have installed WordPress successfully you can now access your site and it will open successfully. but the issue now is that the design is still default and that’s where you will have to start doing some work to make your site look nice. personally i hate the raw look on your site now after installing WordPress it look so raw and ugly but don’t worry

At this Junction you will need just few things to have a nice looking site among which are :

  • Install a good WordPress theme
  • Install the necessary plugins

Now You are good to go.

You can watch this quick guide on how to install new themes and plugins

How To Install WordPress Theme in your DomainKing Self Hosted WordPress Blog

You will have to login your site admin dashboard to have access to the rest features of your site now to login your WordPress site admin section Use this link. Yoursite/wp-admin/ e.g let asume my site name is when i was registering my host + domain now to login you will have to use your site link and the admin function and you will be redirected to a login page use the user name and the password you chosed when installing WordPress and you will be successfully logged in.

From Your admin Dashboard click on Appearance and select theme

From the next page click on Add new theme Upload now the you will be able to upload your theme in Zip format . You can download free WordPress themes here

After uploading your theme you will just have to activate it from the next windows that will show up after successful upload of the theme

After activating Your WordPress theme you are all done the next thing is your site design will automatically change based on the theme you have uploaded.

Now you have successful uploaded a newtheme hope it looks Good?

Now that You have successful installed WordPress and you have installed your desired theme your site is now done you can start publishing posts and creating new contents and pages “””! Blogging starts”

You can. watch this quick Guide Video on how to publish posts on your WordPress blog it wi help you as a newbie.

Here is another video Showing you 10 things to do after installing WordPress on your domain name

This is another Video You Must watch It is titled Introduction to WordPress This video will teach you the necessary things you need to know when starting WordPress having gotten your site it will also teach you how to install plugins , Theme and do other necessary set ups for the beginners don’t miss it.

Having Set Up your blog, you can learn some free and helpful tips here

How to make money online from Your website In Nigeria

With the above steps and procedures, i assume you have successfully created your own website in Nigeria using WordPress platform but if you find any difficulties along the way, you can reach me with the WordPressNigeria contact button perhaps i might be of good help to you.

Everyday you keep seeing keywords either from social Media, Google with other search engines, and most of these keywords goes like:

  1. How make money online in Nigeria
  2. Make money online as a blogger
  3. Make money online from affiliate marketing
  4. Make money selling things online
  5. Make money doing nothing online
  6. Make money as a blogger,make money from your blog
  7. Ways to make money in Nigeria

and other many make money related searches but the question comes again.

Can you really Make money Online In Nigeria?

The simple answer about this question is YES you can make money online. unfortunately i come again to add” but” which may not sound good but i must tell you the truth that you can make money online but making money online is not for everybody am sorry i said it to your hearing it is for only some online users.

Maybe you have browsed through some web pages promising to help you make 6figures in a month or even less than a month. Most of this pages are created by hungry scammers finding a way to make money online just like you,only that they knows better than you do and as a result they have to take advantage of that.

They promised to get you rich hmmmm and you need proof so they showed you many screen shots of their earning now you believe forgetting that most of these shots are the handy work of Photoshop.

They go further to add testimonies of people who they have helped make millions online and you even believe them more forgetting that most of these testimonies are just fake write ups by only themselves.

Now they have tried to convince your curious conscience and you are ever ready to make the millions, you are just fast scrolling down the page to see “how to make millions online in Nigeria without doing any work ” or what ever it may be. But after some scrolling intervals you find out the bold Buy or purchase button and you can’t just wait to make this money so you buy their product with cash payment hmmm (just hmmm i said nothing more)

Only for you to lunches this product which you have bought with some $ you begin to see some old and outdated ways to make money , or even some copy and paste write ups that makes no sense. You keep seeing how share links online to make money, lol just too outdated and even with hard labour and sleeplessness that can’t even earn you money for feeding talk more of the millions they have promised you.

Now you realise they have scammed you, so you picked your phone and call the Authors phone number to refund your money but sorry he wouldn’t pick your call, email him a million times you won’t get reply. You have been reaped off your hard earned money because you want the fast way to make millions without doing nothing.

Most of this so called online entrbr./epreneurs wh
o portray themselves to be earning their living online are just Cyber hustlers who are even poor and wretched than you may think yourself to be.

With all of the above explanation what am trying to tell you is that you can make money online in Nigeria, but making money online is not overnight. be wise to stop buying from fake online so called entrepreneu“Pay Notdwb”r who promise to teach you how to make millions overnight “they are not real”

Just like other offline business so is the online business as well ” No venture no gain” You don’t work you earn nothing, work little you earn little , and work more you earn big. that’s just the money making rules if you have it in mind that you are coming online to get rich overnight please clear that from your inner mind and let that man in you be free from every fake thinking about making money online.

Having red this you should know that making money online is not for everyone but only those who are hardworking and persistence. Ask yourself are you one of those who are ready to make money online? if yes then read further but if the alternative be the case then quite from here because am not writing for you.

Facts You must know About making Money online In Nigeria

Making money online is real but it will only take time to build a way to make money online if you have fall for some bogus claims to make money online you may end up frustrated and thereby deviating the quest for making money online

Before you make some cash online just like i do, there are some facts you must know: read on…….

  • With the internet,your mobile phone or PC it is very real that you can be earning a living and making money online from home
  • You need seriousness and hard working to make money online and the hardworking here is the learning of the processes to make money online as it may entail lots of trails and failures.
  • There is nothing like get rich overnight online but with time you will certainly get rich from your hard work if only you will endure to wait for the result of your labour.
  • Starting online business requires very little or no capital ,as you will need just your mobile phone or PC , and your internet connection with some installed softwares.but you can still start from the Cyber-cafe
  • You will either need to sell something online to make money, it could be physical products, digital products, or your services. If you don’t sell anything or render any service online how do you think you can get money paid from online into your bank account ?
  • You will need to figure out the best way to make money at your end because what works for others may not work for you online
  • Internet business is endless and runs 24-7 as your blog or website which will be earning you the money will always be online for people to visit except you have server issues
  • You can work just once and keep earning for life time (forever) I.e if you have created an information product that will last all day your market will forever sell as long as people need the information.
  • In the online world, not everybody that will make it as just like there is no guarantee for success when you invest on any offline business. but the probability that you will succeed is higher than that of failure when you follow the online success rules.
  • You can not practice the whole methods to make money online lest you end up been disarrayed. so pick the little you know well and can manage properly then focus on them. just like me i focus on blogging, freelancing and information marketing despite the fact that i know i can be making money from forex trading and others

How to make money online In Nigeria

Having taught you facts you must know about online business and making money online, there is also a need to show you how to make money online in Nigeria as a blogger or non blogger.

Like i say there are millions of ways to make money online so i can’t really tell which one will work for you. am going to share you some helpful links about how to make real money online as a blogger or non blogger. read though them, pick the ones you cherish and practice them with all efforts to start earning a living from them. believe you can make millions online from your work and surely you will make more than millions If you are ready to make your dreams come true.

Am going to show you some links to make money online tutor please read them carefully and choose from among the ways to make money online any one you Cherish and work on it to achieve success.

Hope you find all of the above links useful? have you finally chose the ways you would to make money online i pray God will strengthen you to make all your hearth desire about earning a living online come true as much as you are ready to work.

NOTE: Don’t forget that in any online business you do, failure may emerge but that’s not the end of the business but only a ladder to climb higher in the business. I have failed many times but today am who i am.

Don’t be tired of exploring and applying new strategies and ideas online for you never know which one will work best for you.